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Gamification as an Innovation tool

The time has passed for all of us to experience a long and boring training or a tortuous induction process in the organization where we work. It is time for companies to use technology to our advantage through gamification.

The fact that more and more people use technology in their day-to-day lives (call it cell phones, electronic tablets, computers, among others) is not a myth. What has been one of the main advantages of the technology? That is easy, friendly and considerably reduces time by providing immediate answers.

Change the rules of the game in your organization

In the world of technology, the word “gamification” means to use elements and techniques of game design in activities whose purpose is not to have fun and that are generally tedious and boring, this in order to better involve the participants and encourage them to complete the task.

Gamification in the workplace can definitely have a positive impact.

“The correct implementation of gamification becomes a significant learning tool that, together with other elements, generates motivated and committed users with the task to be carried out”,

Affirmed María del Mar, game designer at Inflexión.

But, how can we use gamification as an internal tool? Companies looking for a new way to involve, teach, reward and retain their employees have this new technology as their best ally as it will help us to:

  • Generate memorable experiences in users by influencing their behavior, subtly motivating them towards the stipulated objective.
  • Propose internal content (inductions, training, culture, etc.) from a dynamic and fun perspective, encouraging employees to better incorporate.
  • Get constant feedback.
  • Measurable results.
  • Autonomous learning.
  • Competitiveness and collaboration between users.

The participants will simply do it because they are having fun. No matter how old the employees are, the most effective method of learning will always be through games.

It is time to create new challenges and achievements for your employees by implementing competition through gamification, with which you will obtain better results. Apply playful dynamics and increase worker productivity through effective tactics like this one.

It is important to mention that these strategies have yet to be fully exploited and, in this sense, the speed with which more organizations enter this market is essential. Call on gamification experts, who will help you boost the results of your company and the skills of your employees through the game.

Human & Co-founder of Inflexion Software

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