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A pair of socks to be more competitive

From afar, I saw my supermarket cart and a senior lady at its side, with a confused gaze. I approached to see if she needed anything, but when I came to see if she needed anything she was gone. I had to get to a meeting, I was late and on top of things needed to refuel the car, so I took my cart, throw in a couple of missing things and take it to the cashier as soon as possible, paid, packed and drove away. At night when everything was calm, when sorting through the groceries I found a pair of socks for diabetics. And no, I do not have diabetes nor put them in the cart myself. I immediately thought of that lady and her confusion was crystal clear to me, she put one of her purchases in my cart by mistake, a pair of socks for diabetics.

I confess to my ignorance on such a thing, so after a quick research discovered that these socks were special for people with diabetes, so that blood circulation was not impeded, most of all at night, which would be quite dangerous for them. At first it got me mad and then I thought it was funny, but then something completely unexpected happened. I don’t sleep with socks, excepto at cold nights, so the next winter I found them and put them on. Not only they were warm but very comfortable, and surprisingly I slept deeper with them on, and I thought “everyone should use them, not only who has diabetes”

And now I wonder, who in our professional life has been throwing socks for diabetics at our minds. Those clients, employees, partners and competitors have given us something that, later on, we would learn to use, appreciate and even to improve our life and professional doing. I sometimes become obsessed with this idea, for if in that moment I did not realize that the lady was bringing me wellness, unknowingly, who now is doing the same without me being aware of it?

And that is why I try to be vigilant at every moment to everything, words (written and spoken), gestures, appraisals, complaints, to (try) that nothing escapes me that can make me sleep better, and thus functioning better. It is hard, but as the collection of experiences to compare to grows taller it is not easier, but it is simpler.

Today, has listed us in their top Mexican B2B service companies. It is a list in which I see a lot of known companies, and even if I have not ever been a follower of “prizes”, and if we are still a bit far from the very top, their rating system it’s based in clients reviews, and we’ve never had today’s confidence to request those reviews with the certainty that they will be positive reviews.

Inflexion Software as one of the top B2B Companies

And all of this thanks to the many socks that, by mistake, conviction, gratitude and even less honorable reasons have been given to us from a decade now. Thank youº

PS: The story about the surprise socks in my cart is not fiction, it did happen. In case you were wondering.

Software Engineer and psychologist, founder and CEO of Inflexion Software.

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