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Adoption, retention and expansion

When it comes to new technologies, user acquisition is a critical step that can be mistakenly overlooked. Without consumers, it is almost impossible to generate value and thereby attract potential customers.

Have you ever wondered, what is the factor that influences the implementation of new technologies in a company to fail?

At Virtual Inflexion Software we know that the ignorance of users when acquiring or facing new technologies becomes a situation that can lead companies to believe that they did not correctly implement the technology in their products or services.

Take care that your investment does not become disposable technology

Many organizations decide to evolve by implementing a technological transformation, but once the efforts have been made to incorporate it into their processes, the investment is not useful to them as there is no adoption and it becomes disposable technology.

It is vital to design strategies through analysis, understanding of the business, the objectives and the product that our clients fall in love with.

We know that any transformation carries a risk and requires financial and human resources to be carried out, and in the specific case of technology, it increases since the cost of investing in this field is high.

What about the adoption of technology then?

The problem is not the incorporation of technology, but rather that it is not used.

At this point, companies must concentrate their efforts on ensuring the adoption of the technology, considering a launch, operation, participation and retention plan for users, as well as having a plan prepared to migrate current workflows to the new platform or service.

Why spend money on something that you are not going to use?

For example, Facebook, one of the most widely used platforms in the world, failed to have 1.94 billion users until its launch in 2004.

Where, of course, there were adoption strategies. So where do you start?
For the primordial

  1. Recognition / Inspection: Know the wishes of your users. That is, solve what, how, what and why are their needs?
  2. Testing and experimentation: Understand the factors that influence the user experience. We already know what they want now, we have to use it to our advantage!
  3. Launch: Identify, select and execute the appropriate strategy for the acquisition channel. There is no single recipe.
  4. Adoption and retention: the time has come! Motivate your users to continue this appropriation of new technologies through strategies that guarantee their satisfaction and your success.

Finally, a decisive point to successfully carry out these strategies is to resort to experts in the development and implementation of new technologies when opting for this benefit in an organization.

At Virtual Inflexion Software, we specialize in technological development and digital transformation with the firm objective of helping other organizations evolve their businesses.

Come to us! And ensure success in your company.

Human & Co-founder of Inflexion Software

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