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Beer, mezcal, mineral water, coffee, jewelry, cheeses, clothes, bags, soaps, perfumes, furniture, paper, glasses, juices, cars, musical instruments, bread, bicycles, ties, video games, ice cream.

All of the above is just one example of local production that has gained strength in recent years in Mexico. They have probably always been there, but while before they had the curiosity of the public, today they have their attention, they are the local producers. 10 years ago you could only choose between two brands of beers, today in many places you can choose up to 30 brands. But, why are local producers becoming relevant today? Here are our hypotheses:

  • Hyperlocal knowledge: Most likely, if you are a local producer, you are a native of the area, or at least with a knowledge of it superior to others, this is a hyper valuable resource for tourism, both local and foreign.
  • Educate about culture: Again, for both locals and foreigners, receiving an education about the culture they are visiting, or to which they belong, is always well received, and encourages consumption.
  • Access to information: The yellow section, the red guide, the classified ads … today only vestiges of promotional tools. The current tools have an incredible speed to access what interests you, as well as a specialization to find super specific things, in which local producers have the advantage.
  • Lore: Traditional knowledge. Sorry to use an English word (“Lore”), but I have it ingrained by the taste of medieval. What it means: It is knowledge generated from a tradition, sophisticated knowledge of a universe, which implies that by consuming products born of said “Lore”, you also consume tradition (very romantic I know, but the romantic does not go out of style)
  • Sophistication: Producing something locally, no matter how simple, involves a highly specialized knowledge of processes, materials, ingredients, design, taste. This sophistication is ideal for positioning local producers in Niche markets.

At Inflexion, we believe that all of the above gives local producers a competitive advantage, but also significant challenges, in particular growth. Once a product has earned a sufficient local reputation to be recognized, the local neighborhood will probably outgrow it and its owners will want to transplant it into a larger pot, until it is rooted in the ground.

Enter: E-commerce. A simple way (not easy, simple), to publicize local products in a much greater scope. At Inflexion we have helped several local producers to place their offer in an E-commerce, but not only that, but to effectively communicate their brand, give it an identity, create photoshoots for their products, consulting on price structure, costs and logistics of delivery and networking with legal consultancies.
If you are a local producer and you want to grow without dying in the attempt, consult us to create a solid E-commerce strategy in Inflexion.

Human & Co-founder of Inflexion Software

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