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Startups Pitfalls

Five pitfalls when developing MVPs

The objective of Inflexion is to materialize new digital applications ideas in a short time using the best practices in business models, new design trends, technological frameworks that allow rapid and agile development, and above all, a team with great experience addressing these kinds of situations.

This initial materialization must occur in a short period, since its main objective is to validate the business idea. In other words, inflexion is a specialist in the phase in which a business is validating an idea and needs to reach its MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Initially, the founding partners of Inflexion had our own digital business ideas, and we built Inflexion to create a team to support us in building these ideas. It was a great experience, because from knowing very little about starting a digital company, we were finding many lessons learned by each venture that we started.

To be newbies, it was a great start. We raised capital, we had support from various institutions and organizations that gave us that precious mentoring, in times that were most needed, much less successful.

Of course, several of these first “startups” failed, but little by little the maturity of the team was built to avoid falling into some old traps. And here we share 5 of them:

1. Pixel Perfect

Aesthetics are important, but it is more important that it is usable, that people can easily perform the task for which they are interacting with the application. Looking for a “pixel perfect” in these times with so many screen resolutions does not represent a good alternative to invest your first coins in building an MVP.

2. Taste

Different strokes for different folks. There has been a giant motivation for the stories that come from Silicon Valley, where they believe that big companies know what people are looking for. But they don’t talk about all the methodologies and tools they use to direct their development. Individual taste only hinders reaching the goal, especially when speaking without foundation.

3. Overestimate your budget

The energy and enthusiasm of an entrepreneur sets aside the budget for all stages / areas of the new company, and dedicates the largest investment to the development of the application. If you have, save it for other stages so that you can allocate cycles to mature your idea in the market.

4. Legislation

The entrepreneur is an adventurer, but if you do not review the legislation and all the regulations that your business must comply with, then there will not even be a way to recover the investment, and you will only have wasted time and money.

5. Goals

Set realistic, achievable goals. If in the first MVP you are not even close to one, pay attention, perhaps your understanding of the market you are entering is not strong enough to develop a product for it.

After many years of experience, inflexion has built its work methodology, its set of tools / technologies and a team of professionals who are experts in the construction of MVPs. That is why this month Techreviewer has placed us on the list of Top Software Development Companies for Startups. We thank them and all our MVPs, clients, friends and collaborators for all the effort that has brought us to where we are now.

Human & Co-founder of Inflexion Software

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